The Faithwalk, LLC team has deep roots in the not-for-profit space. Faithwalk has been partnering with nonprofits in areas of fund, program, and organizational development since 1997. Faithwalk’s executive leadership independently has over 23 years of direct experience working with executives and their dedicated staffs to develop effective programs and to realize their organizational infrastructure and capacity-building goals. To help clients arrive at their desired destination, the Faithwalk can:

  • conduct staff, management, and organizational visioning and assessment activities;
  • map resources and prospect grantmaker and other fund development opportunities;
  • research models, identify evidence-based practices, and conduct scientific literature reviews;
  • engage in strategic planning processes for capacity building and organizational transformation;
  • conduct the SWOT or SWEAT analysis necessary to respond appropriately to marketplace context;
  • design proven best practice policies, programs, and procedures; and,
  • define performance benchmarks, evaluation methodologies, and monitoring, tracking, and reporting of organizational and programmatic efforts-to-outcomes to improve productivity and efficiencies.

Through executive coaching,  intensive technical assistance, and professional, skills-building training (TTA) on a range of expert subject matters, Faithwalk assists in building the capacity of client partners to respond to an ever-evolving and increasingly demanding philanthropic marketplace. Providing an elite executive consultation experience, we partner with social, cultural, and community change agents to:

  • assess program, community or organizational need;
  • design an appropriate response plan;
  • identify the key resources needed to realize the plan;
  • cultivate inputs and execute requisite activities;
  • select, monitor and track performance indicators;
  • evaluate the efforts’ outputs, outcomes, and impacts; and,
  • develop sustainability plans for continued program engagement.

Faithwalk also offers client partners a host of media asset development and technical and proposal writing services to assist you in ensuring premium, effective communication of your work and message. To learn more about media asset development services and the types of marketing and promotional collaterals Faithwalk develops, please visit the Media Asset Development and Media Materials pages.