Faithwalk, LLC strives to financially meet clients where they are and to ensure projects come in within or under the projected budget. As a firm committed to addressing economic disparities, small or grassroots organizations and independent artists with limited resources may be considered on a sliding scale. Rates are project-dependent. Rate scales are determined based on either a discounted, time-based retainer contract or a full priced, fee-for-service contract schedule. All nonprofit and corporate client work is contract-based. Projects are priced at either an hourly rate with a fixed maximum number of hours assessed up front to be expended on a project. Rates can also be assessed as a mutually determined project-based fee covering all contract related service expenses.

While all Faithwalk client partners are special to us, given the high volume of demand during peak seasons, retainer clients are uniquely considered when prioritizing the projects we can serve as a boutique firm. As a scrappy and growing enterprise, Faithwalk strives to accommodate all projects presented by partners, including unanticipated “rush jobs.” However, to ensure project placement, client prospects and fee-for-services are strongly encouraged to begin exploratory discussions with a consultant on projects at least three weeks before their proposed deadline, though exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis.