Kepro Agreement

For information about these conditions or the operation of the site, please contact us at These terms of use (“Conditions”) describe the rules for the use of this website and associated mobile websites, microsites, mobile applications, social media sites and other digital services and platforms officially operated by Kepro or used to support business activities (“Website”). These conditions constitute a legally binding agreement between you, the person who uses the site and Keystone Peer Review Organization, Inc. (“Kepro”). Terms such as “we” or “our” and “company” refer to Kepro and its related companies. You can take screenshots for your personal use, download the content offered for download, link it, print or copy a website if you choose not to delete or modify the trademarks, copyrights or other titles that Kepro identifies as the owner of the content and the intellectual property associated with it. Commercial use, reproduction of other than for personal use or the dissemination of content requires Kepro`s prior written consent. To request permission to use the content, please contact Kepro at Recipient and Family Organizations for the Improvement of Quality of Care (BFCC-QIOs) audit medical services to Medicare beneficiaries, including complaints about hospital layoffs, termination of complaints about service termination and complaints about quality of care. BFCC-QIOs contact health care providers to provide information about their medical control activities. If you choose to publish information in a public domain of the site or give us comments or suggestions to improve our website or services (“Postings”), these messages are considered non-personal, non-confidential (except for the personal data described in our privacy policy) and are not protected by copyright. You grant the Company a license to use, without limitation in time, under-conceded, unlimited, global, free, irrevocable, irrevocable, for use, reproduction, display, execution, practice, modification, creation of derivative or collective works, transfer and dissemination of your messages, in whole or in part and including all intellectual property rights.

Subject to these conditions, Kepro hereshess with a personal, non-transferable, non-exclusive, revocable and limited license for the use of the Site, in order to learn more about Kepro and the services we offer or to access the web services available to applicants, employees, customers, consumers or suppliers and suppliers via the website. All rights, titles and interests on the website and its contents and intellectual property rights, including all copyrights, trademark, patent and business secrets (“Kepro Property”), are still held and maintained with Kepro and its licensees and suppliers. Nothing in the licence and usage rights granted to you constitutes a transfer of ownership of the Kepro property to you. Identify your state`s BFCC-QIO by referring to the list below. Kepro disclaims any responsibility for posts or data transmitted by you or any other user of the site. Kepro reserves the right to restrict or delete messages that, at our sole discretion, violate these conditions. We also use the right to maintain or disclose copies of messages that have been deleted if we believe in good faith that such access, retention or disclosure is necessary by law or in our best interest.

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