Media Asset Development

Faithwalk, LLC partners with artists, entrepreneurs, non-profit agencies, and corporate entities to assist clients in best telling their brand or campaign story. Whether developing original multimedia content for videos, film shorts, blog posts, and visual editorials or spinning a print-based, media-savvy narrative about your next project, product, promotional campaign, or personal brand, Faithwalk has you covered. From simple bios and résumés to more complex digital storytelling and animated marketing concepts, Faithwalk works with you to plan and craft a unique, inventive, and fresh story or campaign narrative that draws in the audiences, prospects, consumers, or stakeholders you desire.

For educational curriculum content or instructional design based media assets, Faithwalk uses the A.D.D.I.E. model to partner with clients to develop the most effective media-rich, educational media assets and tools we can to meet your learning objectives. Trained and credentialed by Full Sail University’s Master’s Level Instructional Design program, L. Michael Gipson will personally work with clients on the educational products and tailored content that helps training participants to succeed.

Click here to learn more about the types of media assets Faithwalk designs, including examples. To learn more about media asset development, email L. Michael Gipson, MS at