Mentor Mentee Confidentiality Agreement

The purpose of this agreement is to protect both the mentor and mentor from a breach of confidentiality during the tutoring process. I`m a volunteer. no staff member, contractor or agent of this organization. I am not compensated for my time or related expenses, nor is the mentor paying for participating in this tutoring program. Please check the privacy and engagement form with your mentor before sending it together. In sending this form, I acknowledge that I have read and understood the agreement above. I understand that any violation of this confidential communication will lead to an immediate deletion of the tutoring relationship, and no further tutoring relationships will be initiated as part of this program. I agree to offer only “spiritual” mentoring and these tutoring communications should not be considered psychological or professional mental health services. Although I have a bachelor`s degree in professional psychiatric services, my spiritual tutoring activities in this program are considered lay or non-professional activities.

For example, your agreement is probably not valid if you do not allow the party to compete for ten years somewhere in the United States. An agreement in which the party cannot run for six months in a given state will likely be valid. The objective is to reconcile the interests of the non-competing party`s inability to support itself with the interest of the other party in protecting its affairs with the public interest in the services/products of both parties. For a tutoring relationship to develop, the mentor and mentor must feel that discussions on private issues or problems are conducted with discretion. Depending on the depth and nature of the business relationship you want to enter into, a non-compete or confidentiality agreement is a must to protect your business. As a tutoring partner, it is important that you have a common understanding of the commitment you both make to your tutoring relationship. Mentors and mentors should check the form below and sign them up before starting the tutoring relationship. When sending this form, I agree to keep the details of my interviews with my mentor confidential, unless he has been allowed to share this information with others. A non-compete clause can be used in a mentor-mentor relationship as well as in a employment relationship. Confidentiality is an important issue in the context of borders. In this relationship, you have to respect confidentiality, because the mentors don`t share anything that the mentee told them to someone.

There are two exceptions to this rule that are dealt with in the Privacy section on this page. Generally speaking, a non-compete agreement is a two-party contract in which a party agrees not to seek similar employment with a competitor or to compete directly with the other party for a benefit. As a general rule, there are time and geographic location constraints to make the agreement appropriate. Once you know how a non-compete clause can affect you in your specific situation, you can determine its necessity in your mentoring situation.

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