Training Rates

Faithwalk, LLC understands budgets are tight in this economy. Accordingly, Faithwalk strives to financially meet clients where they are and to ensure capacity building training sessions come in within or under the client’s projected training budget. As a firm committed to addressing economic disparities, agencies with limited resources may be considered on a sliding scale. Training rates are project-dependent but are generally aligned with the federal government’s fairly conservative daily flat rate for training sessions. Usually, projects are priced at either an hourly rate with a fixed maximum number of hours assessed up front to be expended on a training, including any research and preparation. Rates can also be assessed as a mutually determined flat fee covering all contract related service expenses.

Training Supplements & Logistics 

If additional subject matter experts or panelists beyond the Faithwalk team have to be included in the overall cost of a particular training, session rates may appreciate accordingly. For in-town travel, all facilitator ground transportation costs are included in the training fee. For out-of-town travel, the client is expected to cover all travel and lodging expenses for the Faithwalk contracted facilitator, moderator, and/or panelist(s) for the duration of the training, with a preference of arriving the day before the training to avoid unexpected travel delays or training interruptions. For all-day training sessions, clients are expected to cover the cost of any refreshment, breakfast, and/or lunch-related expenses for the training recipients. Faithwalk staff can work with clients to manage meal and travel logistics to relieve any client burden and ensure a seamless, professional training experience for participants.