Small Group Covenant Agreement

For many, it is for many to respect them, to love them. When we study what it means to be a large small group leader (article: How to be a large small group leader), it becomes clear that respect for human beings is essential. Personally, I do not believe in the signing of the alliance. Asking someone if they have any conflicts or questions, followed by the question of whether they agree, that`s all you need. If someone inserts their name into the ink, the document no longer becomes an agreement. It only contributes to stress and potential conflicts, the resolution of which will take longer because they have “signed” it. Take her at her word. As I said, everyone really wants this agreement, you only share it out loud. In fact, the Bible says it`s wrong to ask for a signature.

The Bible says that our yes must be a yes and our no a no. Many groups without alliances in power suffer relationally I like this last verse. This shows us that unity requires love. That`s why this section of the small group association is called “Love.” We must aim for unity with love. Love is what motivates us. Sometimes love for each other is not enough to resolve us. Then our love for the Lord is taken care of by the supreme. Because we love it, we can follow that unity that is otherwise unattractive to us. It takes time, work and energy. We must set the standard expected of everyone in the small group, so that we do not accept passivity for the comfort of sin. Very similar to the declaration of love in the first agreement. There are so many ways to respect each other, but let`s focus on some.

First, the way we pay attention and listen when someone speaks.

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