Grant Writing Workshop

Grant Writing Training Workshop

Faithwalk, LLC specializes in grant proposal development. With leadership that has served as a grant reviewer for more than 15 years for various federal agencies (from SAMSHA to the Office of Minority Health), worked as a grantmaker for a national foundation in the East Bay, CA and the local health department in Washington, D.C., and as a staff and contracted grant writer for nonprofits since 2002, we know something about winning proposals. Accordingly, Faithwalk, LLC can either teach you and/or your team how to write persuasive applications through an on-site or online training or write them for you as a contracted proposal developer.

To meet the high demand for grant writing training, Faithwalk, LLC recorded two live, online, six-hour training sessions in January 2017 with identical set content but some variance in the information shared based on participant questions. Those training session recordings, along with the accompanying slideshow, handouts, and self-employment grant writing contract templates can be secured as an online independent study training for just $50, a full $150.00 less than a similar one-day training offered at The Foundation Center. For more information or to just purchase the training, email

To contract Faithwalk, LLC to conduct a one- to two-day grant-writing training on-site for your organization or business, facilitator travel, accommodations, and training fees can be determined based on the session size and the number of days you’d like to secure our subject matter experts to train your team on effective grant writing. For more information or to just begin contract negotiations, email L. Michael Gipson, MS at and share your training needs and vision with us.


Grant Writing Training Synopsis

This live, highly interactive workshop will explore proposal development from start to finish: from grant prospecting (where and how to identify funders) to what funders are looking for in the development of your grant content and what should follow the grant submission process. We will also discuss the grant review processes for several different grant-maker settings — federal/local government reviewing; corporate tier reviews; and, foundation panels.

Whether you are a beginner in grant writing or a pro needing a refresher, this thorough review of proposal development should meet most of your skill and knowledge based needs. Be prepared to take notes and participate in any Q&A parts of the session, to get the most out of attending the training. Below is an overview of topics covered in the training:

I) Grant Prospecting: Resources and Researching Before You Write
II) Grant Nuts & Bolts: Grant Architecture Deconstruction
III) Logic Model Development Basics: Program Planning
IV) Logic Model Approaches
V) Program Theory Clarification
VI) Monitoring & Evaluation: Demonstrating Program Progress
VII) Attachments
VIII) Budget
IX) Post-Grant Submission: What Happens After
X) Closing/Questions

Please remember if you select an online workshop option, some form of Internet access and computing tools (i.e., tablet, PC, laptop, etc.) to participate will be required.

We look forward to your esteemed participation in our grant writing workshop session.