Faithwalk, LLC is the home of storytellers. Whether you’re telling the story of your business, your nonprofit, or your creative craft, we partner with you to cultivate the narrative you need to help you achieve your personal or organizational goal(s). From marketing and promotions plans and original media asset development to detailed reports and grant proposals that help secure resources, keep stakeholders informed, and/or mobilize the troops around an important cause. We work with you to write the story that wins.

Faithwalk, LLC is also the home of educators and capacity builders. We help train staff, educate Boards, and coach executive leadership on the models and best practices that help foster success. Our highly credentialed and experienced team of contractors includes facilitators, moderators, executive coaches, and capacity building trainers who can help you craft strategic plans, cultivate new programs, and design the innovative curriculums and signature interventions that become the game changers in your work.

We understand that every new relationship is a faith walk. So, take your time. Get to know us. Then take our hand and let’s take this walk to greatness together.