Faithwalk, LLC has been honored to work with a host of independent and mainstream talent to help hone their personal brands, plan their marketing strategy for sustainable project/product launches, and develop a carefully curated narrative that best reflects their vision and commercial goals. It has been a privilege for Faithwalk to participate in and promote our artist partners’ creative processes and products by further developing client’s brand identity, media biographies, promotional one-sheets, digital stories, and other media assets and collateral materials that fully realize and articulate their signature brand to their desired and uniquely targeted markets.




Offering a range of affordable artist packages, Faithwalk has a network of trusted experts we partner with in fields crucial for artist development and new project launches, including: A-list visual artists (e.g., photographers, graphic designers), web developers, social media specialists, digital storytellers, and marketing professionals–the specialists you need to refine and express your brand and project narrative to the marketplace. Faithwalk’s contracted staff can work with you and your team to elevate your career to new heights.