Interinstitutional Agreement On Better Lawmaking

The Commission adopted the Better Legislation Programme on 19 May 2015. The Council exchanged views on this issue at a council meeting on 23 June 2015. Ministers took stock of the Council`s work, including the inter-institutional agreement to be negotiated between the Council, the European Parliament and the Commission. Ministers also discussed the content of the broader agenda for better legislation, with a particular perspective for businesses and citizens. The European Parliament and the Council, as co-legislators, agree on the importance of maintaining close contacts before inter-institutional negotiations in order to achieve a better mutual understanding of their respective positions. To this end, they will facilitate, as part of the legislative process, the exchange of opinions and information by regularly inviting representatives of other institutions to an informal exchange of views. The Better Legislation Agreement aims to improve EU legislation and ensure that EU legislation better serves citizens and businesses. It should make the EU`s legislative process more transparent, open to stakeholders and easier to follow. It will also help assess the impact of EU legislation on small and medium-sized enterprises, local industry and ordinary citizens.

It will introduce a new agreement between the EU institutions to make cooperation between them more fluid and clearer. The global “Better Legislation” programme proposed by the Juncker Commission consists of two main elements. A better agreement on the legislation was adopted by the Council on 15 March 2016. Ministers also approved the annual programming rules that transpose the provisions of the inter-institutional agreement into a series of concrete measures and indicative timetables. The Commission is committed to bringing together all the necessary expertise and to establishing a register of these acts through expert consultations and public consultations. In addition, the agreement contains an annex containing detailed rules for better regulation of delegated acts applicable to the three institutions. [3] On 15 December 2015, the Commission approved a new inter-institutional “Better Legislation” agreement, which will come into force after adoption by the three institutions. [1] This agreement was adopted as part of the Better Legislation Programme and will replace the 2003 Inter-Institutional Better Legislation Agreement.

[2] In March 2015, the General Affairs Council began preparations for negotiations on the inter-institutional agreement.

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